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Epicuren epicrucen

Epicuren’s proprietary enzyme protein solution (Metadermabolic Enzymes) makes it unique to all other types of skin care products. Epicuren enzyme-activated products stimulate skin cells to self-rejuvenate by stimulating the skin’s normal chemical reactions. Its proprietary protein is co-factored with niacin, biotin and riboflavin to improve the metabolism of your skin cells, just as exercise stimulates your muscles. Epicuren has developed a home care program around these enzymes.

“I’m 60 years old and get more compliments on my complexion now than when I was younger. I no longer wear foundation. It’s the Epicuren enzymes.”

-Sandra Whatmore, Redwood City, California

When skin cells receive nourishment from Epicuren, it stimulates nearby cells, creating a domino effect. These cells actively absorb and use their new-found protein-enzyme nourishment (“aerobics” for the skin). Because all cells have cellular memory, the skin cells continue to behave in this active manner. Because cells copy each other, it is important to change the cells to a healthier state. If these changes do not take place, cell memory continues to digress (in the same manner that once formed, scars cannot diminish). When used consistently, Epicuren’s home care program has a profound change on aging skin.

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