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Tinted Sunscreen from PRIORI – we love this stuff!

We love products that multi-task!  If you’re a client, you already know that at Abundance we prefer chemical-free mineral based sunscreens.  Our go-to skincare line has a fantastic one that is tinted so it doubles as a foundation, leaving your skin looking natural and luminous.    It yields just the right amount of coverage without looking heavy or feeling greasy.  Plus, it has the potent CoffeeBerry antioxidant for additional protection.  It’s called Natural Daily Protection SPF25.  $50, or call for current specials and promotions: 650.560.9600.


Marketing Mineral Foundation as Sunscreen for Men and Children… We Want Your Opinion!

Our newest addition, PRIORI Coffeeberry Perfecting Minerals, is marketed as “sun protection” — rather than “mineral foundation” — acceptable not only for women, but for men and children as well.  And recently, a couple of clients have shown us the new powder sunscreen they’re using, which got us thinking about the idea of foundation versus sunscreen. We want to hear from our readers:  Would YOU put mineral powder on your toddler?  Teenage son?  Husband?  Here’s my personal investigation into the matter:
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It’s Cool To Wear Sunscreen!

Yes, I know, you’re probably tired of hearing it, but it’s my personal mission to educate the masses about sunscreen. From our vantage point on Kelly Avenue, we see (and I don’t mean literally) throngs of people heading for the beach and I can only hope that they’re picking up the vibe I’m sending to wear that sunscreen! That luscious coastal breeze is so deceiving, distracting us into thinking that the sun’s not quite so hot. Don’t be fooled!
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