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Antioxidants and Skincare

Hello! Happy Pumpkin season!

This month I’ve featured our pumpkin facial, not only because it’s seasonal, but because it’s another way to add antioxidants to the skin. In addition to nourishing the skin, the acid made from pumpkin breaks down the “glue” that holds dead skin cells together in the outer layer (epidermis), gently revealing the new, fresh layer.
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Gentle Peel Exfoliation to Reverse Sun Damage

For an esthetician, the end of summer takes on a whole new meaning – it’s the best time of year to begin your recovery program to undo the cumulative effects of summer sun. The most effective results for correcting skin damage are obtained with gentle chemical peels performed in a series of 6-8 weekly appointments. There is a great deal of misunderstanding around chemical peels.
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It’s Cool To Wear Sunscreen!

Yes, I know, you’re probably tired of hearing it, but it’s my personal mission to educate the masses about sunscreen. From our vantage point on Kelly Avenue, we see (and I don’t mean literally) throngs of people heading for the beach and I can only hope that they’re picking up the vibe I’m sending to wear that sunscreen! That luscious coastal breeze is so deceiving, distracting us into thinking that the sun’s not quite so hot. Don’t be fooled!
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What's Going On ~ May 2009

April 2009 Our Blog | No Comments

My first thoughts of May usually turn to Mother’s Day, but this month is packed with so many fun activities and events! Jumpstarting the fun on May 9, we’ve been invited to participate in PROJECT YOU at Studio 4 Pilates, and we’re very excited about that! Chrysann will be offering skin analysis and consultations, and our make-up artists, Maureen and Natalie,
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Getting Green

Spring seems like just the right time to talk about growing green. It doesn’t really matter where you are in the process, there are always more ways we can improve our carbon footprint. In the salon environment, there are laws that govern the disinfection processes for various implements and equipment and, of course, chemicals must be utilized to effectively maintain health and safety standards. Beyond compliance, however, there are many things that we can do at Abundance to strive for the green.
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