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Tinted Sunscreen from PRIORI – we love this stuff!

We love products that multi-task!  If you’re a client, you already know that at Abundance we prefer chemical-free mineral based sunscreens.  Our go-to skincare line has a fantastic one that is tinted so it doubles as a foundation, leaving your skin looking natural and luminous.    It yields just the right amount of coverage without looking heavy or feeling greasy.  Plus, it has the potent CoffeeBerry antioxidant for additional protection.  It’s called Natural Daily Protection SPF25.  $50, or call for current specials and promotions: 650.560.9600.


21 Day Mind-Body Cleanse with Dr. Vicky Cruz

This powerful and life-changing program provides the essential whole food support and herbs the body needs to purify (detox) and rebuild itself safely and naturally. This 21-Day Cleanse inte- grates a Mind/Body approach for developing healthy nutrition habits with maximum weight loss results. Losing weight is not just about the physical — the emotional component must be addressed!

Our program, directed by Dr.Vicky Cruz , is a 3-week program designed to help you build a new relationship with your body. Not a diet or fast (there is no hunger involved here!), but a safe, healthy way to jumpstart your health.  In addition to glowing skin and fewer lines and wrinkles, you can expect to feel increased vitality, mental clarity, improved sleep quality and a new understanding of your body’s nutritional requirements.

Why Detox?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average Americans consumes 4 pounds of pesticides each year and has residue from over 400 toxic substances in the body. Most Ameri- cans rely on foods that contain copious amounts of refined sugars, refined carbohydrates, trans and partially hydrogenated fats, chemical additives and residues. As a result of the consumption of these overly processed, nutritionally devoid “foods,” the incidence of obesity and chronic toxicity and related disease has become rampant in our society.

The 21-Day Mind-Body Cleanse Program includes:

• 1 Purification Kit

• 1 Chiropractic Treatment with NET (Neuro Emotional Technique)

• Discounts on skin care treatments (optional)

• Optional BioMat sessions for detox support

• Daily email Support – helpful tips and tasty recipes!

We are excited to offer this highly integrative and supportive program at an economical value. If you or someone you know has been thinking of doing a cleanse or looking for a supportive program to finally lose excess weight, this is a powerful opportunity for you! We welcome individual and family participation.

Contour + Highlight with TRUE Cosmetics

One of my “Favorite Things Right Now” is contouring cheeks with a dark brown eye shadow (Wenge by TRUE Cosmetics) and highlighting with a peachy shimmer (Apricot blush by TRUE Cosmetics) for a natural and defined spring/summer look.  The trick is this Shadow Diffuser brush, which is a shape that I haven’t found elsewhere and TRUE equates to a fan brush.  It’s soft and fluffy which is great for blending or applying a light wash of color to eyes or cheeks.  When contouring cheeks, hold the brush horizontally so that the thin rectangular shape creates a nice line along the hollow of the cheek (from your ear to the corner of your mouth).  Then, highlight by holding the brush vertically and sweeping the wide end along the cheekbone, making sure to overlap with the contour line to blend.  It will also contour the sides of the nose and define a jawline nicely.

Choosing a Cleanser for Your Skin Type

The first step in creating a skin care program is choosing a cleanser that will allow the skin to balance its own moisture levels.    A common mistake is to overdry the skin with bar soaps, which are very harsh on skin.  Another common mistake we often see are  clients with slightly congested skin  who  self-diagnose  acne, then treat the  skin with an over-the-counter acne cleanser, which also overdries the skin.  Both of these situations result in a chronic dryness in the skin, which triggers the body to generate more oil, thus creating more acne.    A different situation occurs when clients with sensitive skin choose an over-the-counter product for sensitive skin which may not irritate the skin, but in many cases is not able to effectively cleanse the skin.     It’s critical to choose a cleanser that will not clog and create acne, but one that will be able to cleanse the skirt of perspiration and debris from natural detoxification processes.   The pH of skin lies between 5.5 and 6.2, so even water, with a pH of 7, is much drier than our skin.    While creamy cleansers are not right for oil skin types, and gel-based cleansers are overdrying for almost all skin types, how do we begin to choose the right cleanser?

Congested Skin – Often combination skin types produce a congested skin — not quite acneic, but with slight bumping and occasional breakout.  This skin condition is best treated with a cleanser that is slightly more astringent — we recommend one containing alpha hydroxy acids, primarily lactic acid, which is very hydrating to the skin.

Oily Skin – When the pores are large in the center of the face and around the sides, we define the skin as “oily,” but it does not necessary mean that you are making oil, just that you are capable of it.  Oily skin must be moisturized, just like dry skin, to protect the barrier function (the skin’s ability to retain its moisture).     In both situations, the skin benefits from products containing alpha hydroxy acids, gently formulated so the skin is not overdried.  Sometimes , in cases of extreme oil, a combination of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide may be used — but check with a dermatologist or esthetician, to avoid over-drying the skin.

Mature Skin – mature skin generally benefits most from a creamy cleanser which leaves the skin more hydrated.    Depending on the client’s exfoliation requirements, we may alternate with an alpha-hydroxy-based cleanser for brightening and refining.

Sensitive Skin -  Sensitive skin loves milk-type cleansers with calming ingredients such as rose or chamomile, with a minimum of friction (no particles) and gentle, lactic-based alpha-hydroxy acids for exfoliation.

The Latest in Skincare

The skincare of the future has arrived! Never has there been a better time to begin caring for your skin! Before I became an esthetician, I held very skeptical beliefs about the possibilities of skincare products. I was disappointed at the standard manufacturing practices which used unnecessary, toxic ingredients, and I thought that genetics and lifestyle determined one’s skin completely. However, during the past six years, observing results through 800+ facials per year, I know differently: Skin care manufacturing practices are changing, products are becoming safer, and ingredients matter more than I ever imagined.

First, there was Epicuren. Formulated by biochemist Bob Heiman for almost 30 years, Epicuren utilizes T-cell communication to allow metabolic improvements at the base level of the dermis. This means that over time, when one cell is improved by a product molecule, it shouts out its new, improved state of being to it’s neighbor, who then improves simply from the communication, not from direct contact with the molecule. The body uses this type of T-cell communication as a natural part of its overall immune function, so Epicuren’s products utilize the naturally occurring mechanisms of the body to create healthier, younger (more beautiful!) skin. After approximately 7-10 months of consistent daily use, the enzyme-activated products work their way to the lower levels of the dermis and results radiate younger, smoothing skin. This is a perfect skin care line for dry, mature skin and for those who enjoy the process of applying products.

Then came Clarisonic – not a product, but a tool, and an amazing addition to a skin care protocol.  It is an oscillating, gentle skin brush system for daily cleansing and it accomplishes two very powerful goals: it gets more debris out of the skin than hand washing, and it causes small-molecule serum products to penetrate 61% more deeply into the skin. With regular use, it improves the elasticity of the skin by exercising the walls of the pores, which allows them to narrow, which lends a more refined look to the skin. Clarisonic has become a regular part of our in-salon treatments, and a large percentage of our regular clients use them at home.

The product line that has made me forever change the way I feel about products is the Advanced AHA line from PRIORI Skincare. Joe Lewis, the top formulator of skin care products in North America, studies nature and develops products that mimic nature’s response to rejuvenation and repair. The Advanced AHA line is my first line of defense for clients’ with troubled, congested skin that needs a boost. It’s often where we start when a client has not yet discovered that products and treatments can correct life-long skin care issues. The Advanced AHA line is a unique formulation of alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs) which appear in a proprietary blend of several acids, but primarily lactic acid, which is naturally occurring in the dermis. The skin loves lactic acid, and PRIORI utilizes it throughout the entire line (even the cleanser) to gently exfoliate and hydrate the skin. Often clients come to me with extremely dry skin – where all the moisturizer in the world seems to disappear on the skin, but without leaving a feeling a hydration. This is a sign of a broken barrier function. The Advanced AHA products have the ability to quickly return the barrier function to normal, leaving skin soft, hydrated and ready to receive product.

Once the skin is functioning optimally, it’s ready for the Queen Mother of the PRIORI products, the Superceutical (idebenone) line. Using the latest technology to deliver time-released antioxidants to the skin all day long, the powerful anti-oxidant known as idebenone (Edie! Be Known!) protects and repairs the skin. With many skin care lines, a product will to work for a while, and then the body becomes complacent.  However, because idebenone is a synthetic form of CoQ10, it works in a cumulative way to continue improving skin year after year. We have seen clients in the 60+ age range use the Superceutical line for two years or more with continued improvement of lines, redness, firmness and lightening of brown spots. This product is revolutionary for skin.

CoffeeBerry is PRIORI’s organic solution. The active ingredient is the oil from the “cherry” of the coffee bean, which is a powerful, organic and highly stable molecule that protects the skin and particularly works on lightening brown spots in the skin. The product is formulated for all skin types, but we particularly use it when a client is pregnant, lactating, or undergoing any type of immune challenges due to illness. The PRIORI CoffeeBerry line has recently introduced Perfecting Minerals, a line of powdered SPF for the skin, that studies have shown to actually improve and heal acne and other inflammatory skin conditions.

PRIORI’s Cellular Recovery Serum with DNA enzyme complex is right up there with idebenone as one of the most progressive products available. It contains a unique DNA enzyme complex that mimics the body’s own repair enzymes, which helps to repair free radical damage to the skin. It can be used as a supplement to boost any skin care line. It has been proven to diminish the effects of harmful UV radiation, diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin pigmentation, and help reverse cellular DNA damage.  It will jumpstart results with your current skincare regimen to provide faster and more visible results.

In September 2010, we incorporated NuFACE, the hand-held microcurrent device that works two ways to tighten the skin, into our skincare line-up. A small electrical current is used to stimulate blood flow, much like acupuncture needles, to deliver increased oxygen and minerals to the skin. A short 3-5 minute session stimulates the lymph, which moves excess fluid out of the body, leaving the skin around the jawline tighter, and reduces puffiness. With consistent daily use, it has the ability to tighten the small muscles in the face in 3-5 months, causing a significant lifted appearance. Not only for anti-aging, the NuFace is the perfect tool to help heal acneic skin.  We also recommend a NuFace treatment prior to a make-over, because it further improves the texture of the skin when using foundation or mineral powder.

Welcome to the skin care of the future! I invite you to call for a complimentary skin care consultation, because what we know is that skin, at any age, can continue to improve!

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