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New! Advanced Mineral Makeup Line


Most of our clients, and most women in general, have already made the switch to mineral makeup.  It’s a clean (anti-microbial) product that’s good for your skin and has the added benefit of providing a physical (chemical-free) sunblock.  Most of us are familiar with mineral powder, so I was really intrigued to try this Liquid Mineral Foundation by Advanced Mineral Makeup.  We ended up picking up the whole line which includes the liquid, and both loose and pressed powers, concealer, foundation brushes and two color palettes.  A vegan line, Advanced Mineral Makeup was created by makeup artist Annie Mayo and is touted as “camera ready”.
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Contour + Highlight with TRUE Cosmetics

One of my “Favorite Things Right Now” is contouring cheeks with a dark brown eye shadow (Wenge by TRUE Cosmetics) and highlighting with a peachy shimmer (Apricot blush by TRUE Cosmetics) for a natural and defined spring/summer look.  The trick is this Shadow Diffuser brush, which is a shape that I haven’t found elsewhere and TRUE equates to a fan brush.  It’s soft and fluffy which is great for blending or applying a light wash of color to eyes or cheeks.  When contouring cheeks, hold the brush horizontally so that the thin rectangular shape creates a nice line along the hollow of the cheek (from your ear to the corner of your mouth).  Then, highlight by holding the brush vertically and sweeping the wide end along the cheekbone, making sure to overlap with the contour line to blend.  It will also contour the sides of the nose and define a jawline nicely.

Find Your Ideal Foundation Combo

We recently worked up this chart for our Foundation Workshop as a guide to help you find which cosmetics are ideal for you based on skin type and desired coverage.  Our chart reflects products that we have here at Abundance, and below we have included a loose translation to help you use these guidelines with any cosmetics in your makeup bag.  Of course, there are many other types of foundation available today – creams, gels, mousse, you name it – so there is a lot of room to play.

A word on oily skin… when we refer to oily skin in this chart, we do not mean “I get a little shiny by the end of the day” – we mean seriously oily skin.  Typically we recommend mineral foundation for oily skin types, however you can still use Skin Tints if you use it in place of your standard morning moisturizer for light, non-greasy hydration (follow with powder or mineral foundation as usual…).

A note on concealing the under-eyes… We now offer both TRUE’s creamy under-eye concealer which is a trio (illuminator, salmon & yellow) as well as PRIORI’s CoffeeBerry Perfecting Concealer (in powder form).  Both are great to have in your makeup kit, but if you want to start out with just one, then I would pair creamy concealer with Skin Tints or powder concealer with mineral foundation.  If you wear both, then I would choose creamy concealer for more problematic under-eye circles, or the powder concealer for general brightening around the eyes.  PRIORI’s CoffeeBerry (powder) concealer is great on the eyelids too!  It evens out color nicely so that you look awake and wide-eyed.

Skin Tints = tinted moisturizer, or a very hydrating sheer liquid foundation formula

Mineral Foundation = mineral foundation (!)

Finishing Touch powder = a fine setting powder (non-mineral) that minimizes pores and reduces shine

Mineral Mist = a fine mist used to liquify and set mineral foundation, and hydrates with hyaluronic acid (do not attempt with water which is drying to the skin)

Before & After PRIORI CoffeeBerry Finishing Touch Powder


Our new favorite combo is Being TRUE Skin Tints tinted moisturizer with PRIORI CoffeeBerry Finishing Touch Powder.  You can see in the photo how Finishing Touch fills lines and pores and reduces shine while leaving a smooth, natural finish.   
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Airbrush Makeup

Airbrushing is the ultimate in professional makeup ~ it is simply a tool, like a brush or sponge, used to apply foundation.  The beauty of airbrush is that it sprays micronized pigment onto the skin in itty bitty pixels that are invisible to the naked eye and “float” on the surface of the skin . . . this results in flawless coverage with less product, so it looks and feels natural.  Airbrush makeup is commonly used in TV and film because it is undetectable even with Hi-Def cameras.
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