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Maximize Results from your Peel Series

Chemical peels are one of the best values in skin care, and the fastest way to achieve a brighter, smoother complexion.  During each of 6-8 weeks, the skin sheds 3-5 layers of dead skin cells, releasing trapped oil and debris.  At the end of the series, the skin is softer, more hydrated and products are absorbed more quickly into the skin.  To maximize your results, incorporate any or all of these tips:

  1. Use “active” home care products such as PRIORI’s Advanced AHA.  These products gently exfoliate at home, so that your weekly treatment works a little harder by penetrating further into the skin for a deeper release of dirt, oil and trapped paticles.
  2. Daily use of the Clarisonic facial brush gets skin cleaner and increases serum penetration by 61%.
  3. Several times each week in between your peel treatments, incorporate a microderm scrub such as Epicuren’s Microdermabrasion Cream or PRIORI’s Invigorating Hand and Body Scrub.  You will see a significant reduction in fine lines, as the microderm cream clears the path of dead skin cells so the peel material can get right to work.
  4. Add a brightening serum to your daily regime, such as Epicuren’s herbal Skin Lightening Cream or PRIORI’s Smooth Lines or Even Tones.
  5. Consistent use of the NuFACE microcurrent facial toning system accelerates the cellular activity of the skin through increased blood flow, which enhances the performance of the treatment products and improves cellular metabolism, leaving the skin more radiant!

An annual peel series is the best way to freshen and brighten the skin.  As the skin ages, it is also an  important part of a healthy skin practice, as it reduces the build-up of brown spots, known as actinic keratosis, which may reduce the risk of skin cancer.   It is generally considered safe to do two peel treatment series each year.

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